I am about to disconnect from the virtual world.

Not forever! Just for a month.

Who? My entire class here at MTC

What? We are doing a WebFast, which means no blogging, emailing, Facebooking, Google-ing, web surfing, texting, or movie/TV watching

When? From Monday, September 29 to Friday, October 24

Why? My class just finished studying the topic of Worldview. We learned what a worldview is, how it is formed, and how it can be analyzed. We also looked at the American worldview in particular and how the internet and technology have shaped our worldview without us even noticing. Technology is wonderful and can be redeemed for godly purposes. But many of the ways it has influenced me are negative and will eventually be a hindrance in cross-cultural ministry. For example, virtual communication is fast and easy and does not require vulnerability. The media (whether it be Facebook, TV shows, commercials, movies, web ads) promote a “me-centered” attitude rather than an “other-centered” mindset. The digital world of unlimited options can be very distracting and does not nurture the important biblical values of reflection, focus and long-term commitment. And digital technology can negatively impact time management and nurture time wasting. (In fact, missionary leadership overseas has expressed concern over new missionaries coming to the field with poor time management skills). All this is not to bash technology. It can be a wonderful thing and will be a huge blessing in missionary work overseas. However, the staff here desire us to take some time off in order to nurture our relationship with the Lord and with others and to encourage reflection on how to best use technology in a God-honoring way!

If you want to get in touch with me during the next 4 weeks, give me a call! We are still allowed to talk on the phone to our heart’s delight.

Adiós for now!



Truth: I

I have an empty frame in my room.

Every few weeks or so, I write a new piece of truth on it. Something I need to be reminded of at the time.

truth truth9.13.14 truth 9.15.14

This last one is current. It reminds me to be content in who God is and what He has given me. He has my best in mind and is bringing me to the goal of Christlikeness. It isn’t always easy. But He is so good. I’m thankful I get to live in fellowship with our awesome Triune God.


The things He does…

Last week I found out about my “prayer partner,” a missionary that I will be staying in touch with and praying for during my training.

She happened to be in the states and came to visit MTC for a few days. So I got to meet her!

Before she left today, she gave me a wrap-around skirt from West Africa. SO sweet of her! I love it and just had to put it on today. : )

DSCF0056 - Copy

Thankful for the little things God does to encourage us and brighten our days!

A Few Firsts

This week I got to do a few things I had never done before.

1. I got to shoot a bow and arrow! Cherie (who is in my class) offered to teach a few of us girls how it’s done!


Then she trusted us enough to let us try! It was a blast!

 DSCF0032 (2)

2. I made tacos! Yup, for the first time.


3. At our small group get together on Wednesday, we had lunch together. And we got to taste this very strange fruit called a rambutan (thanks to Google here’s a picture!)


4. Some other girls and I got to visit with a staff couple from Britain…we made crepes for dinner (or for “tea” as they would say!)


(notice the successful flip with no spatula involved!)


We made dinner crepes, then dessert crepes! Yum!


I know my training here will hold a lot more firsts–some fun like this and some more serious.

But I will never have to do it alone!

So thankful that Jesus will always be by my side, even during the first-time-ever experiences that I’d rather not experience.

He is faithful, you guys!

Never once did we ever walk alone
Never once did You leave us on our own
You are faithful, God, You are faithful

Every step we are breathing in Your grace
Evermore we’ll be breathing out Your praise
You are faithful, God, You are faithful

~Never Once, Matt Redman~

Because He is with us,


Training for a Marathon

   In the midst of still grappling with the fact that I am actually here at MTC training for tribal church planting …  a whole week full of classes and orientation has flown past!


First Day of Class!


My Mailbox

Something that is so unique about MTC is the fact that my training will not be limited to the classroom. It will also include:

1. Involvement in a local church

2. Serving in outreach to the community

3. Discipleship, fellowship and prayer through a small group program called e-linc

Not only will this deepen my training for future ministry, but it will also allow me to get involved in people’s lives in a very real way right now.


Map in the Classroom


One of the places where learning happens!

Classes so far have been geared towards a “big picture” understanding of what it looks like to serve with New Tribes Mission on a church planting team. In class on Wednesday, we worked through a general timeline of planting a church among an unreached people group.

I put this timeline together based on what we talked about in class. It might not make total sense without the context of our discussion, but it definitely conveys the immensity of the task set before us!

Big Picture -- TIMELINE

CLA=Culture & Language Acquisition; TLCA=Tribal Culture & Language Acquisition

Stephen Crockett, a missionary to the Moi tribe in Indonesia, came and spoke to us this week.

stephen crockett

Stephen Crockett sharing with the student body

He compared the task of intercultural church planting to a marathon. The process is very long, it’s difficult, and sometimes it can be tedious. But it is entirely WORTH IT because Christ is WORTHY. Feelings of inadequacy start to surface in light of this crazy marathon ahead. But it’s true–only by dependence on the Lord can this thing be done! Not that we are adequate in ourselves to consider anything as coming from ourselves, but our adequacy is from God, who also made us adequate as servants of a new covenant” (2 Cor. 3:5-6a). 


We got to finish out the week by going canoeing. It was a great way to get to know people a little better and just enjoy God’s beauty on the water!


We went almost 10 miles.


It was beautiful!


Eric, Jessica, Andy, Phil, me, Rachael, Kaylee, and Micah

Needing Him for the race ahead…and every moment,


The Long Awaited Arrival

I am writing my first blog post from Roach, Missouri. (Don’t worry, the town was named after a person, not large bugs.) So thankful to the Lord that I’ve finally made it here!!!


This place is called the Missionary Training Center. The campus is absolutely beautiful, right on the Lake of the Ozarks. It is phase II of New Tribes Mission’s training program for its missionaries. Here I will learn the nitty-gritty of how to take the gospel to a remote, unreached part of the world. This will include classes on Church Planting, Christian Living, Culture and Language Acquisition, and Complementary Courses such as missionary technology and communication skills. Here’s a peek at what my first week will look like!

1st week of class

(NTM=New Tribes Mission, MTC=Missionary Training Center, eLinc=small discipleship group. New Tribes loves acronyms for some reason!)

Here are a few pictures of my apartment! So glad I am rooming with Rachael. We overlapped one semester at Bible School and I look forward to getting to know her better!


Here are some pictures of our lovely 480 sq ft apartment!

This is the living room/dining room/kitchen/family room/pantry:


(some different angles of this room)


And this is my bedroom:


But just so we don’t get too unrealistic here…….. I’ve yet to organize everything just yet………..


There’s also a tiny bathroom, which I don’t have a picture of. And there you have it! This will be my house for the 2 years I am here training.

Really sensing my need for the Lord right now and desiring to keep my eyes glued on Jesus. Trusting Him to grow me, to sanctify me, and to prepare me–for serving Him on this earth, but more importantly for the day I get to see Him!

Thanks to each and every person who is praying for me and to everyone who has given me things for life here. I appreciate you guys! I definitely can’t do this alone, so thanks for continuing to cover me with prayers.

Because He is worthy,