The Long Awaited Arrival

I am writing my first blog post from Roach, Missouri. (Don’t worry, the town was named after a person, not large bugs.) So thankful to the Lord that I’ve finally made it here!!!


This place is called the Missionary Training Center. The campus is absolutely beautiful, right on the Lake of the Ozarks. It is phase II of New Tribes Mission’s training program for its missionaries. Here I will learn the nitty-gritty of how to take the gospel to a remote, unreached part of the world. This will include classes on Church Planting, Christian Living, Culture and Language Acquisition, and Complementary Courses such as missionary technology and communication skills. Here’s a peek at what my first week will look like!

1st week of class

(NTM=New Tribes Mission, MTC=Missionary Training Center, eLinc=small discipleship group. New Tribes loves acronyms for some reason!)

Here are a few pictures of my apartment! So glad I am rooming with Rachael. We overlapped one semester at Bible School and I look forward to getting to know her better!


Here are some pictures of our lovely 480 sq ft apartment!

This is the living room/dining room/kitchen/family room/pantry:


(some different angles of this room)


And this is my bedroom:


But just so we don’t get too unrealistic here…….. I’ve yet to organize everything just yet………..


There’s also a tiny bathroom, which I don’t have a picture of. And there you have it! This will be my house for the 2 years I am here training.

Really sensing my need for the Lord right now and desiring to keep my eyes glued on Jesus. Trusting Him to grow me, to sanctify me, and to prepare me–for serving Him on this earth, but more importantly for the day I get to see Him!

Thanks to each and every person who is praying for me and to everyone who has given me things for life here. I appreciate you guys! I definitely can’t do this alone, so thanks for continuing to cover me with prayers.

Because He is worthy,


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