I am about to disconnect from the virtual world.

Not forever! Just for a month.

Who? My entire class here at MTC

What? We are doing a WebFast, which means no blogging, emailing, Facebooking, Google-ing, web surfing, texting, or movie/TV watching

When? From Monday, September 29 to Friday, October 24

Why? My class just finished studying the topic of Worldview. We learned what a worldview is, how it is formed, and how it can be analyzed. We also looked at the American worldview in particular and how the internet and technology have shaped our worldview without us even noticing. Technology is wonderful and can be redeemed for godly purposes. But many of the ways it has influenced me are negative and will eventually be a hindrance in cross-cultural ministry. For example, virtual communication is fast and easy and does not require vulnerability. The media (whether it be Facebook, TV shows, commercials, movies, web ads) promote a “me-centered” attitude rather than an “other-centered” mindset. The digital world of unlimited options can be very distracting and does not nurture the important biblical values of reflection, focus and long-term commitment. And digital technology can negatively impact time management and nurture time wasting. (In fact, missionary leadership overseas has expressed concern over new missionaries coming to the field with poor time management skills). All this is not to bash technology. It can be a wonderful thing and will be a huge blessing in missionary work overseas. However, the staff here desire us to take some time off in order to nurture our relationship with the Lord and with others and to encourage reflection on how to best use technology in a God-honoring way!

If you want to get in touch with me during the next 4 weeks, give me a call! We are still allowed to talk on the phone to our heart’s delight.

Adiós for now!


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